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aus-africa telehealth conference

Building A Healthy Africa From Ground Up.

📌 Kim Beazley Lecture Theatre Murdoch University, 90 South Street Murdoch WA 6150

🗓️ 22nd October

🕔 4:30 PM-8:30PM


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Promoting of the African Diaspora knowledge and skills with the aim of contributing positively to the Australian and African health care systems. 

Foster dialogue on Health Policy, Science, Research, and Innovation. Exploring the short, medium, and long-term health policies from governments and the private sector at regional, national, and global levels.


Strengthening the extant formal partnerships between research institutions and the various institutions that influence health in Africa

Our Focus

The conference will focus on Increasing awareness and visibility of the skills and knowledge of the African Diasporas working in healthcare and their contribution to the economic growth of Australia and Africa.

The long term focus is Establishing a system that will connect investment projects in healthcare with the governments and private sectors in Africa and Australia for inclusive development.

As the emerging social, economic, technological and geopolitical changes playout, African Professionals, entrepreneurs, educators and communities will need to gaininsight and apply expert knowledge and skillsif they are to manage potential disruption, achieve positive influence and become adeptglobal citizens.

Conference Topics

  1. 1
    Transform existing infrastructure and production systems to enhance resilience of health systems.
  2. 2
    Can Investments in data systems able to generate data-driven decisions put equity at the centre of Africa's health systems?
  3. 3
    How governments and the private sector can successfully invest in health systems to advance equity of access, affordability, and efficiency.
  4. 4
    How to facilitate leveraging the skills and knowledge of the diaspora when they seek to contribute towards improving health systems in African nations.


Be part of a community working towards building a resilient healthcare system in Africa from bottom up.

Become a game changing leader in today's competitive environment.Increase your knowledge on investment opportunities in Telehealth. solutions for Africa

Invest in your professional development.

Be part of a community of professionals andentrepreneurs focused on progress,development and creating a positive impactboth in Australia and Africa across the globe.


Our Partners


The conference in Perth is expected to attract over 100delegates from over 30 organisations, including speakers and delegates. Approximately 18-20 per cent of attendees will join in from overseas and interstate and will be attending the conference virtually. The rest of the attendees are from Western Australia and will attend in person. The conference will attract stakeholders from various industries, including Health, mining, oil & gas, higher education, finance & investment, Innovation and Technology, as well as government representatives, trade and investment, private and NGO sectors.

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